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Laut Timur ardiprima

What We Do

We specialize in distributing fast moving consumer goods across all channels with 40 years of experience.

Our area of operation is in North, East, South and Central Kalimantan. We have direct coverage of 16,000 stores that includes traditional channels from wholesaler, large, to small retailers, Specialty stores such as cosmetics, pharmacy, automotive, and institution, and also modern channels including minimarket, supermarket, and national key accounts.

Our Principal Partners on average has been with us for 15 years as we have consistently deliver sustainable volume and coverage growth.

With dedicated Sales, Logistics, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology departments we have successfully surpassed partners expectations in developing and implementing projects on productivity enhancement and cost cutting innovations.

We are a modern distributor with a clear vision and aggressive passion to reach goals, overcome barriers, and create records.

Our Story

Since 1971 PT Laut Timur Ardiprima has engaged in the trading business serving the Kalimantan Timber Boom.

In the early 1990’s the company started partnering with principals to distribute products throughout Kalimantan Island (excluding West Kalimantan). It opened it’s first branch in Banjarmasin in 1995 to cover the South Kalimantan Province. In order to rapidly expand its business, PT Laut Timur Ardiprima then extended its distribution operation to Balikpapan in 1997, Palangkaraya in 1999, Berau, Sampit, Bontang and Tarakan in 2009

Today, PT Laut Timur Ardiprima operates with thirty-three (33) distribution points where all have its fully functioning offices and sales and administrative teams; and eleven (11) of it have warehouses and full logistical teams.

Supported with a clear vision and experienced multi-functional leaders, PT Laut Timur Ardiprima thrives as one of the best distributors in terms of reach and reliability in the region.